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Megan says:

Kristin in Lakebay says:

Elwood in Bonney Lake says: 

Victor's team did a fantastic job on our fence. We have a bit of an uneven lawn and the fence is perfectly straight! They worked hard and I am super pleased with their attention to detail and pride they put into their work.
I have used kiwi for several projects since moving to the peninsula and I could not say enough good things about them. The staff is always nice, shows up on time and does a solid job. They come prepared and get a ton done in a day.

Kiwi fencing the best. Very professional & reasonably priced. 
These guys are good. Craftsmen.

Anon says:

Ms. A. Says:

Sil Says:

They installed electric fencing for livestock for us in two Washington State locations.
They are fabulous. Their service after the sale is also great. Their service is impeccable and solid. It is the best fence seen in the county.
Warwick and crew did an amazing job in a super reasonable amount of time on my property. They cleared the perimeter, installed fencing and gates and built two horse structures. I've never been so happy with contractors of any form before and I will for sure use them for any future fencing projectors. They also happened to be a ton less ths the other local guys. And the whole crew was nice, respectful and great to work with. :)
We can’t thank Kiwi Fencing for all the fencing they’ve done to our property over the years. Their professionalism & craftsmanship is second to none.

Bridget K. says:

I​​ needed a good strong fence in a hurry to keep my large dogs from roaming my five acres and bothering the neighbors livestock. After a bad experience with a general contractor for a fence that never got built I decided to try professional fence companies only. My property is heavily wooded and the fence would need to zig zag to secure the top two acres near my house. Warwick responded immediately to an email, came out in two days and quoted a price for a five foot high tensile wire woven fence that would keep dogs and livestock in, and keep predators out. I knew was it was a reasonable estimate after previous experience. More importantly I had confidence in Warwick. In one week the crew appeared as promised and my beautiful strong 425 ft fence was in place in a few days. Darin and Ace tackled all the difficult areas with skill and patience. I only had one oak leaf hydrangea that was precious, and not a single leaf was damaged as they deftly manuevered large equipment close to my house. Wonderful experience all around.
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