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Deer!   Love 'em or hate 'em?  Often the answer is influenced  by their recent diet, specifically what sacred flower/shrub did Bambi just consume?   Your garden, orchard or yard can be made less accessible for fauna through practical use of fencing.  Industrial chain link is not the only answer. Aesthetic options that blend into the surrounding environment can protect your latest nursery investment sans the penal institution motif.   Kiwi Fencing Company, Inc., is considered the premier deer and wildlife fencing company in western Washington.  We offer custom solutions to combat your specific critter problem and budget.  We are dealers of, or have access to, any type of wildlife fencing you may want to consider installing. Use our expertise to assist you in
selecting the right product for your needs. Count on our experienced crews to do your installation correctly. 

Want more information? Let's get started!  Here's an overview of different fencing types and applications.  Read through for background information or to help you decide which product might be best suited for your specific needs.

New Zealand Electric

Less safe, low maintenance and low cost, New Zealand electric is ideal for cost conscious consumers looking to fence perimeters. To successfully retard deer, we suggest a minimum 9 wire fence at least 5 feet tall, all wires energized. NZ electric is ideally suited for heavily wooded areas, where trees are likely to fall on the fence as maintenance and repair are far easier than with more robust products. Add coated electric wire on the top, such as Equifence to improve visibility.  

Mesh Fencing

This is the long term investment for your garden or orchard. Beautiful to look at, effective in critter control, a well designed and installed garden fence will be a treasure over the years. Varieties include non-climb, high tensile, and diamond. It will require some maintenance to keep wires tight but is minimal considering other options. Medium to higher cost than other options. Some things you may want to consider:

1 ) Add a solid top rail or hot wire to keep deer or the like from reaching over the top;

2 ) Be sure to add a gate - large enough for your tractor, rototiller or other favorite garden implement.

3 ) Leave room to expand. Fruit trees? Blueberry bushes? Corn? Grapes?  

Electrified Mesh

​Several companies offer portable electrified mesh wire fencing. We suggest you  consider Premier1. These products look much like a traditional mesh fence but are easily installed, moved and removed. Perfect for gardens, orchards or small setting; all you need is the fence, a ground system, electric energizer and outlet. Say good bye to rabbits, raccoons and deer; this lettuce is all MINE! 

Kiwi Fencing specializes in providing you the best fencing material at the best possible price. Not all fencing is created equal. We've spent many years professionally installing fence systems and have selected quality materials to offer you. 

Contact: warwick@kiwifencing.com or call 800-598-3374 or 253-851-5494 to start your process today. 

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