Kiwi Fencing Company, Inc.
Custom Fencing Solutions located by Puget Sound in Washington State. We offer quality horse, farm, livestock & residential fencing ~ since 1989!  Call us today for your free estimate at:

  1. Custom Trellis
    High five panels with custom trellis
  2. Custom Gate with Arch
    Trellis with custom cedar fence
  3. Title 9
    Installing high tensile field fence.
  4. Title 10
    Archway with custom gate by David McBride
  5. Garden Beds
    Deer fencing with raised garden beds
  6. Field Fencing
    Field fencing being used as a protective barrier cliff side
  7. Deck containment
    High five panel is a great way to contain pets
  8. Title 14
    Custom gates
  9. Custom gate 2
  10. Noble stalls
    Stalls made with Noble Panels
  11. Kaukiki Farm
    Fisher and Lance with Noble Panels
  12. Title 18
  13. Title 19
  14. Blend of fencing
  15. Decorative Cedar
  16. Custom archway
  17. Field fencing
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