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Kiwi Fencing Company, Inc., is considered the premier horse fencing company in western Washington! We are dealers of, or have access to, any type of equine fencing you may want to consider installing. When thinking about Equine fencing we always tell you to look at doing the safest fence you can afford, keeping in mind what you're trying to keep out (coyotes, neighbor dogs, cougar, etc.) Next, look at your property and decide if you need the same type of fencing everywhere. Maybe you would like something more eye pleasing in the front and more utilitarian in the back of your property? Your fence is like your kitchen, you'll look at it daily and appreciate how well it appears and functions. Use our expertise to assist you in selecting the right product for your needs. Count on our experienced crews to do the installation correctly. We specialize in horse fencing and farm planning. Let us be part of your winning team! 

Want more information? let's get started!  Here's an overview of different fencing types and applications. Read through for background information or to help you decide which product might be best suited for your specific needs.

Equifence Coated Wire Fence

Gallagher Equifence is a safe, effective solution for permanent horse control. Equifence is UV-resistant and white for high visibility. It is also available in Black  for a contrast with white posts. The core is 12.5 gauge Galvanized Steel Wire. Equifence has a unique, electrically conductive polymer that is formed around the galvanized wire and extends to the exterior for use as electric fence wire.

Centaur HTP Horse Rail

Created with an exclusive polymer blend for an incredibly strong and flexible horse fence, Centaur fencing material absorbs impact without breaking or weakening. Your horse stays contained within your pastures, protected, and there is nothing on the fence railing that can crack or splinter causing injury. 

The flexible design of the fence rail ensures that if a horse pushes or rushes the fence, the rail will give just enough to prevent injury without compromising the ranch perimeter. The exclusive high-tensile polymer bracket with steel reinforced bar is indestructible. You can be sure that Centaur equine fencing will be doing its job, keeping your horses safe for decades to come. 

Centaur is one of our most popular products for folks wanting the best for their horses and low maintenance to keep your time in the saddle verses fixing fencing. It is a medium to high priced product depending on configuration and design options. Energize the top wire or strand to keep stock off of the fence or the bottom strand to reduce the chance for predators entering your fields.

New Zealand Electric Fence

​Less safe, low maintenance, low cost. New Zealand electric poses the greatest risk of a degloving injury to horses legs (i.e. where the skin and tendons are peeled down the leg). This occurs for a number of reasons: wrong use- such as confined areas, poor  maintenance, not being kept hot, and horses who are more prone to testing or damaging themselves. It is however, ideal for cost conscious consumers looking to fence perimeters. Brush and tree lines or wooded areas provide a clear visual contrast that allows the horse to clearly see the fence. NZ electric is ideally suited for heavily wooded areas, where trees are likely to fall on the fence as maintenance and repair are far easier than with more robust products. Add coated electric wire on the top, such as Equi-fence to improve visibility. Again, if you haven't read this yet, it is NOT suited for turn-out runs or small adjoining paddocks. If you need a cost effective solution for this application, consider horse tape or Equistrand, but realize both are temporary solutions.  

Mesh Fencing

​Safe, excellent for foals and keeping things OUT of your paddocks, as well as keeping your horses in. Varieties include non-climb, high tensile, and diamond. It requires some maintenance to keep wires tight. Medium to high cost. Adding a solid top rail or hot wire to keep stock off of the fence is recommended.

PVC Vinyl Fencing

Safe, attractive, low maintenance and  higher cost, it is recommend to energize the top wire. Be sure to check product quality carefully, some variation on clips and how rails are inserted reflects directly on fence integrity. 

Wood Fencing

​Nothing beats the look of a wooden fence. Safe due to the design and timbers, it will keep your horses in and secure. Over time, expect your wooden fence to fade unless you're willing to paint it with a treatment at least every other year. Also, consider adding an electric wire to the top of the fence to keep horses nibbles to a minimum. For the aggressive "beaver", electric wires on each rail might be needed! 

Noble Panels

Very safe with the lowest maintenance, it is a higher cost. Ideal for turn out runs or small adjoining paddocks as you can take them down or move them to allow for easy repair, cleaning or change out of paddock footing. 

Continuous Pasture Fencing

The ideal pasture or perimeter fence. It is horse safe, extremely durable and requires zero maintenance. Contour Fencing is as attractive as it is strong, offering lasting beauty through decades of use. Cost is higher but more affordable than you might think. 

Contact: warwick@kiwifencing.com or call 800-598-3374 or 253-851-5494 to start your process today. 

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