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Noble Panels also builds round pens, horse shelters, paddocks, mesh fencing, saddle racks, and gates. They also make unique continuous fence that contours with the land, exceptional horse stalls and barn systems, and much more. 

All horse fencing products are manufactured to be safe for horses and livestock and are built of quality galvanized, high-tensile steel tubing. It is stronger than the vinyl horse fencing and prevents the crashing through of a spooked horse. Chosen for its high strength and rust free features, this quality galvanized fencing material will give you decades of use, retain its shiny silver appearance and be virtually maintenance free.

Noble Panels fence products are great for small family pastures or your large equestrian centers. Finding the right fencing material that is attractive, durable, low maintenance, and safe for your stallion, mare, colt or pony, has long been a problem for horsemen and other livestock owners. Whether you've had your favorite horse injured by a barbed wire fence or spooked by an electric fence; or you are just tired of replacing rotted fence posts and repairing and painting you wood fence, NOBLE PANELS & GATES has the ideal livestock fence solution.

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Lots of folks sell panels, shelters and livestock equipment.  Over the last 20+ years in business we've seen suppliers come and go, and lots of buyers disappointed with substandard performance and durability.  We can honestly say that has never been the case with Noble products.   This is why Noble gates are the only ones we carry and sell. The extra money you spend on this quality product will come back again and again. Crashed gates, new horses, windstorms, trees and vehicle accidents all happen, and every time you'll be thankful you made that quality investment. This video is a great example of Noble panels in action.